Gold brazing alloy

Lucas Milhaupt provides innovate metal joining solutions, including providing premier brazing alloys and filler metals

Automotive Brazing

Premier gold brazing alloy available

When you're in need of gold brazing alloy, why would you go anywhere else than the global industry leader? Lucas Milhaupt offers filler metal and alloys in a variety of options, allowing you to make the best choice for your needs. We understand that brazing and metal joining are complex and sensitive processes, and choosing the proper filler metal is essential in order to create the quality connection between metals that is required. Over the last 75 years, Lucas Milhaupt has worked to perfect metal joining products, including nickel, silver, and gold brazy alloy, as well as brazing rods. We aim to provide the exact solution you may need, including products, resources, and various services. Lucas Milhaupt can handle the entire process of creating brazing alloys and metal joining materials from casting to fabrication. Plus, we offer one of the most extensive inventories of alloys and forms in the industry. Contact us today for more information click through our Facebook page to learn more.

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Industry Solutions

At Lucas Milhaupt, we aim to to proved innovative, custom solutions designed to solve brazing challenges facing original equipment manufacturer engineering teams across industries. We offer custom solutions and pre-packed products to the HVAC/R, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, mining, electrical and power management, electronics, and medical markets.  

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