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Looking for a specific metal joining application demonstration? Learn how to braze with the Technical Services Engineers at Lucas Milhaupt. Our video library is designed to share best practices and techniques for proper brazing procedure for successful braze joints.




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Aluminum Brazing of Evaporators and Condenser Coils

  • HVAC

Aluminum HVAC Repair

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
Product Type
  • Filler Metals

Brazing Copper to Copper with Sil-Fos

Fundamentals of Brazing #1: Good Fit and Proper Clearance

Fundamentals of Brazing #2: Cleaning the Metals

Fundamentals of Brazing #3: Fluxing the Parts

Fundamentals of Brazing #4: Proper Fixturing

Fundamentals of Brazing #5: Brazing the Assembly

Fundamentals of Brazing #6: Cleaning the Joint

How to Braze Aluminum to Copper

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
Product Type
  • Fluxes

How to Braze Copper to Steel with Handy One

How to Braze with Lucas-Milhaupt Sil-Fos Rings

Importance of Capillary Action in Brazing

Introduction to the Six Fundamentals of Brazing

  • Microelectronic
  • Oil & Gas
Product Type
  • Pastes

Joining Brass to Copper with Braze

Joining Copper to Brass with Sil-Fos

Lucas Milhaupt Sil-Fos Rings - Capillary Action

Lucas-Milhaupt - See Handy One in Action

Preferred Torch Brazing Flame Types

The Function and Stages of Flux: Flux as a Temperature Indicator

White Flux vs. Black Flux


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