Brazing in Oil & gas 

Innovative Metal Joining Solutions that Reduce Field Failure and Extend Product Lifetime

Oil & Gas

Avoid a poor first pass yield with an optimized brazing process.

When your product is put through challenging service conditions requiring high strength, corrosion and oxidation resistance in most demanding applications, joint integrity is key to achieving maximum lifetime out of your cutting and drill bit assemblies. Our technical brazing experts have helped oil and gas customers apply innovative metal joining solutions to reduce field failure, extend product life time, and reduce operational waste. Partner with metal joining experts to train your operators how to manufacture strong, long lasting and dependable braze joints.

reduce field failure

Field failure comes at too high of a cost to not invest in brazing process improvement. Lucas Milhaupt offers on site brazing audits, evaluations, and training.

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extend part lifecycle

Improper application during the brazing process often leads to joint failure. Lucas Milhaupt experts can help train your OEM's how to braze properly

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Reduce waste

Lucas Millhaupt brazing experts can help you reduce waste and schedule maintenance on your equipment. Less waste & predictable downtime means increased efficiency. 

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Assisting every division on your team

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Quality Managers

The vertical integration of our company reduces variability for Quality Managers and helps improve first time through quality (FTTQ). In an industry where quality is so inherently tied to safety, it’s vital to put your trust in a vendor with proven track record.

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In a small, but powerful industry, reputation is key. Field failure could cost millions, or worse, lives. Protect your brand integrity by investing in braze process improvements.

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Lucas Milhaupt functions as a true partner rather than a vendor. We build long term relationships with our oil and gas partners. Reduce unnecessary purchase orders through vendor consolidation and reduce alloy usage over time.

Partner with the leading metal joining experts

Many of the key brazing challenges facing oil and gas, including proper brazing technique for carbide tip tools, overuse of flux and alloy, and reducing scrap, can be solved by improving brazing techniques. As a Lucas Milhaupt customer, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Technical Services team, who are available as an educational resource for your braze operators.

Our team of experts can provide a braze evaluation, identify gaps in brazing process, and provide step-by-step training for your operators to ensure you avoid joining issues in the future. Extend the life cycle of your equipment, keep your people safe, and reduce material use over time with a brazing evaluation from Lucas Milhaupt engineers.

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