Brazing in Aerospace

Improve the Lifespan of Aerospace Parts on Mission Critical Applications

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Extend The lifespan of aerospace parts with brazing process improvements

As an AS9100 certified manufacturer, Lucas Milhaupt is committed to helping the aerospace industry improve the lifespan of aerospace parts on mission critical applications. With the best brazing minds in the industry on our team, Lucas Milhaupt provides aerospace engineers with technical expertise to improve process efficiencies. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we eliminate additional costing layers and ensure quality throughout production.

Partner with Leading Brazing Experts

Lucas Milhaupt is an AS9100 certified manufacturer. Partnering with Lucas Milhaupt provides access to the best brazing experts in the industry and the largest breadth of brazing capability and alloy available.

Continuous Improvement Extends Part Lifespan

Lucas Milhaupt offers training for engineering teams and braze operators to ensure stronger, longer lasting joints. We strive for continuous improvement of the metal joining process and design.

Prototyping Innovative Aerospace Designs

Through the lab prototyping services Lucas Milhaupt offers, our brazing Technical Services team has helped engineers design innovative aerospace components to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Helping every member of your team

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Quality Managers

In 2018, Lucas Milhaupt committed to becoming an AS9100 certified vendor to better serve our aerospace customers. Our vertical integration ensures quality from melt to fabrication and distinguishes us among other metal joining vendors.

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Operations Managers

Leverage Lucas Milhaupt’s expertise to improve productivity with brazing process improvements. Lucas Milhaupt offers a wide variety of forms, breadth of product, and capabilities. Operations Managers trust our brazing experts as a go-to resource for metal joining challenges.

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Gain competitive advantage with Lucas Milhaupt’s prototyping capabilities. Protect your brand with long lasting parts, all while improving productivity.

Build your brazing team today

The team of brazing experts at Lucas Milhaupt help aerospace engineering teams understand metal joining best practices and applications. Our team of technical experts function as members of your team. In order to help protect our aerospace customers’ designs Lucas Milhaupt is equipped with the latest cyber security protocols and is an ITAR & DFAR compliant manufacturer. The technical expertise, breadth of product, variety of forms, and educational opportunities Lucas Milhaupt offers make us a prefered metal joining partner for aerospace manufacturers.

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