Brazing in Automotive

Braze Leak-Proof Joints in Automotive Fluid Transfer Systems

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Avoid a poor first yield pass with an optimized brazing process.

Improve overall efficiency of your production line with a braze process evaluation. Our braze alloys and joining solutions help are assets for automotive engineering teams looking for leak-free fluid transfer systems. Automotive OEMs have trusted Lucas Milhaupt to provide brazing technical expertise, versatile form and alloy capabilities, and the largest breadth of product in the industry for over 75 years.

Improve Brazing Process, Improve Productivity

Our team of experts can provide a braze evaluation, identify gaps in brazing process, and provide step-by-step training for your braze operators to ensure you avoid joining issues in the future.

Reduce Operator Dependency

Avoid over use of flux in the brazing process by converting to flux cored or flux coated alloys. Transition to flux cored products in the brazing process reduces variability while retaining the strength their customers’ demand. Check out the ITT case study below

Reduce Flux Stain

One innovative solution Lucas Milhaupt developed to address over usage of flux, a common cause of flux stain, is the addition of the flux cored products. See below for products our automotive engineering teams love.

Assisting Every Division on Your Team

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The vertical integration of our company reduces variability for Quality Managers and helps improve FTTQ. In an industry where quality is so inherently tied to safety, it’s vital to put your trust in a vendor with proven track record. Lucas Milhaupt Riberac holds the ISO/TS 16949 Certification for the Automotive Industry.

improve brazing process, automotive brazing solutions, reduce flux stain


The ongoing education that Lucas Milhaupt offers for braze operators is how we differentiate as a strategic partner as opposed to a vendor. In addition, the flux cored and flux coated products we offer can reduce dependency on manual process and help automate your product line in preparation for the next wave of automotive technology.

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The brazing process improvements Lucas Milhaupt’s experts provide to partners often reduce alloy usage over time and ensure a smooth product conversion. As a vertically integrated company, we allow purchasing managers to save time and effort through vendor consolidation.

Partner with the leading joining experts

Our team functions as an extension of your engineering department. We evaluate the process and recommend improvements that yield year over year productivity gains. We offer technical training for braze operators to ensure your brazing process is optimized for the next generation of automotive technology. Lucas Milhaupt has been a trusted partner for automotive OEMs for over 75 years. Our breadth of product, form capabilities, and chemistry are unparalleled in the automotive market. The strategic relationships we’ve cultivated as a result of our innovative joining solutions are an added benefit our customers. Contact one of our brazing experts for an evaluation of your brazing process today.