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Brazing Design for Tight Tolerances and High Value Components

Electrical, High Purity Alloys, High Temperature Alloys

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We understand that field failure means people are without energy or critical equipment goes down. Brazing may be a small component of most OEM processes, but failure can mean a large end scrap rate for you. Lucas Milhaupt’s vertical integration ensures we are able to monitor quality throughout the process.

Common applications for brazing in power management include: electrical applications such as vacuum interrupters, traveling wave tubes, fuses, and contact carriers and assemblies. Brazing these kinds of electrical equipment often requires high purity alloys and very tight tolerances for the packaging of high value parts.

Design Optimization Reduces Scrap

Step brazing is often the preferred brazing method for the small, sensitive components used within power management manufacturing. Talk to one of our brazing experts to reduce scrap and improve productivity today.


Reduce Precious Metal Alloy Use

Braze joints in electrical power management usually have high precious metals content. Improving joint design can reduce precious metal content and inventory. Whether working as part of your braze joint design team or optimizing your factory braze process, we offer unique solutions to reduce your precious metals content.

Brazing Process Development

Lucas Milhaupt is home to some of the best metallurgists, chemists, and brazing experts in the world. Our technical experts work with design and manufacturing engineers to improve first pass yield with state of the art manufacturing processes to deliver critical dimensions on preforms. 

Assisting Every member of your team

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Reduce Quality Variability

Reduce variability and improve first time through quality (FTTQ) with high purity and vacuum tube grade alloys from a vertically integrated manufacturer. Our capability to manage the process from melt to your door yields quality you can count on.

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Braze Training Offers Operational Consistency

Whether its step brazing, furnace brazing, vacuum brazing, or brazing with active metals, our technical team are happy to train your braze operators on best practices for long lasting joints. Leverage our joint kaizens and improve your first time through quality (FTTQ) and ensure the most dependable joints for your most critical applications. Partner with us and have our vast application knowledge and alloy selection on your engineering team!

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Protect your Brand and Reduce Customer Downtime

Your brand and the profitability of your company are dependent on your customer’s ability to trust the quality of your product. Lucas Milhaupt offers unique solutions to reduce your precious metals content, world class engineering support to improve your first pass yield, and the widest selection high purity alloys from a vertically intregrated company. These are all reasons to make Lucas Milhaupt your partner for electrical power braze applications.

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Eliminate Purchase Price Variance

Through Lucas Milhaupt's mill to fabrication vertical integration and lot tracking capabilitiy, we help Purchasing save time, effort, and money through vendor consolidation and fixed metal market agreements. 

Partner with the leading joining expert

Our team functions as an extension of your own engineering department; diving deep into the process and making recommendations that will yield year over year productivity gains. We offer technical training for braze operators to ensure your brazing process protects sensitive components in electrical packaging.

Lucas Milhaupt has been a trusted power management partner for over 75 years. Our breadth of product, form capabilities, chemistry and innovative product solutions stand out within the electrical market. The strategic relationships we’ve cultivated as a result of our innovative joining solutions are an added benefit our customers.

Contact one of our brazing experts for an evaluation of your brazing process today.

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