One on One Brazing Audits

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Automotive Brazing

On-Site Brazing Evaluation

Brazing and metal joining are complex and sensitive processes; one small flaw in one of the six fundamental principles of brazing can reduce joint strength and lead to process inefficiencies, poor first pass yield, scrap, or even field failure. During a brazing process evaluation, one of our expertly trained Lucas Milhaupt Brazing Application Engineers can diagnose and resolve operational issues. Schedule a proactive brazing evaluation today.

Engineering Assistance

Our technical support staff assists customers in solving their brazing and soldering problems by recommending appropriate alloys and offering alternatives for their applications. Lucas Milhaupt's internal laboratory capabilities allow for test brazing of customer components, examination of previously brazed assemblies, and feasibility studies to explore the process alternatives and benefits. 

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Brazing Audits

Optimize your company’s brazing operation with a brazing audit from one of Lucas Milhaupt's Technical Service team brazing engineers. Our resident brazing experts conduct a thorough technical audit of your brazing process and provide a written report of process improvement recommendations to improve productivity and generate cost savings.

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