Brazing POWDER

Lucas Milhaupt provides innovate metal joining solutions, including providing the premier brazing powder

Automotive Brazing


Lucas Milhaupt is a global leader in brazing. Brazing and metal joining are complex and sensitive processes. Lucas Milhaupt are brazing professionals and we understand the need for the best metal joining prodcuts. That's why over the last 75 years, we have perfected metal joining products to make brazing as clear-cut as possbile. When you're in need of the best brazing products, including brazing powder to work as your brazing filler material, Lucas Milhaupt has the selection you're looking for. We create a number of products in order to provide the exact solution you may need for your brazing setup. We offer one of the most extensive inventories of fillers in the industry and we'd be happy to help you find the best brazing paste and other fillers for your needs. We are also able to provide custom brazing powder made from 3 or more metals to form an alloy with the desired properties. 

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Industry Solutions

At Lucas Milhaupt, we aim to to proved innovative, custom solutions designed to solve brazing challenges facing original equipment manufacturer engineering teams across industries. We offer custom solutions and pre-packed products to the HVAC/R, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, mining, electrical and power management, electronics, and medical markets.  

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