In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products and services, Lucas-Milhaupt is also a complete source for technical information, training and assistance.

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NATE Training

NATE-regcognized Training Provider

As a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized training provider, Lucas-Milhaupt offers NATE certified training programs at regional distributor locations. This half-day training delivers valuable in-depth information and hands-on experience in the latest brazing techniques. Understanding variables that affect the quality of brazing, technicians can ultimately determine solutions to lower overall costs of metal joining. Course curriculum covers brazing and soldering fundamentals related to the Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATE’s) and is designed to help technicians with day-to-day brazing operations offering practical insight and a solid foundation in brazing fundamentals.

NATE Course ID: 3067-0001
NATE Approved hours: Four (4)

Covering the following Knowledge Areas of Technical Expertise (KATE’s):

  • Installer and Service: Air Conditioning - Air to Air
  • Installer and Service: Heat Pump - Air to Air
  • Installer and Service: Refrigeration Light Commercial
  • Installer and Service: Refrigeration Commercial

Course Outline Content

  • Brazing terminology and definitions - A basic overview of brazing providing personnel a better understanding of the joining method they are employing
  • The Six Fundamentals of Brazing - The six steps in brazing that if followed correctly will produce consistent high quality braze joints. Discussion will cover proper heating, alloy application and procedures for torch brazing
  • Base Metals - Base metals commonly used in the HVAC/R industry
  • Choosing the Appropriate Filler Metal and Flux - Suggested braze alloys and fluxes for different base metal combinations
  • Torch Safety - Safe brazing practices and proper handling of brazing equipment
  • Torch Brazing Demonstration and Training - Demonstration of brazing methods will be shown at the end of the training session along with time for attendees to practice proper brazing procedures