In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products and services, Lucas-Milhaupt is also a complete source for technical information, training and assistance.

On-site Staff Training

A convenient and customizable program, with options to meet your needs.

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Technical Documentation

Visit our knowledge base for SDS and other technical documentation.

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Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities

In order to meet our customers’ needs for the very best solutions in metal joining, Lucas Milhaupt employs high-precision, sophisticated manufacturing methods, with tolerances and quality that exceed even the most rigorous requirements. Our employees are highly skilled, energetic and committed to their craft. In short, the final forms of our products – whether wire, rings, strip, washers, discs, paste, etc. – reflect our commitment to meeting your exact needs.

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Training & Consulting

You would expect the leader in brazing technology to provide its customers with the very best level of technical support. At Lucas Milhaupt, it’s what truly separates us from the rest. We offer various training programs and services including the popular “Fundamentals of Brazing” seminar held regionally in the U.S. and other global locations. With our “Road Show” – we will bring the seminar right to your plant and customize the course for your own needs. As a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized training provider, Lucas-Milhaupt also offers NATE certified training programs at regional distributor locations.

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Lucas-Milhaupt has a team of professionals with expertise in a variety of brazing applications. Many of our chemists, metallurgists and engineers are here for the express purpose of providing technical support to you. That might mean a relatively simple test-brazing of your component with feasibility studies exploring all your options. Or it might mean an actual Brazing Audit, in which a member of our technical services team will inspect your plant’s complete joining operations and provide a summary of options and recommendations to maximize quality and minimize cost.

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Case Studies
Case Studies

Case studies help illustrate the many forms of filler metal options used in modern brazing including paste, foil, rings and stock and custom preforms. We hope these examples will help stimulate your thinking about new possibilities for brazing in your own manufacturing operation. They may also suggest procedures, equipment and techniques that will help you braze more efficiently.

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