Lucas milhaupt takes brazing optimization to the next level with Ultracoat

Lucas Milhaupt leads the industry in application problem solving and takes brazing optimization to the next level with: UltraCoat - Flux coated braze foil designed to reduce cycle times and eliminate variability.

In cases where two flat surfaces are to be brazed, many customers turn to braze alloy in the form of strip. Strip is ideal for covering large surface areas or  for sitting flush between two components where wire would cause the parts to sit unevenly. This makes strip ideal for pre-placing shims between two components such as a carbide blank and a steel body or else pre-placing a preform such as a washer between two parts that need to have intimate contact during the braze cycle.

While alloy form and selection are critical aspects of a braze joint, flux is also an integral part in torch and induction brazing. To promote strong joints, a proper amount of flux is needed and, in many cases, when left to manual application, flux is either under or over applied. When flux is underapplied, the flux present will saturate quickly during heating, and oxide build up will prevent the braze alloy from flowing and bonding effectively along both substrates. When flux is overapplied, the alloy cannot effectively flush the flux out of the joint resulting in flux inclusions and voids which leads to lower joint strength.


So how can a company eliminate variability, drive down overconsumption, and improve part quality? Lucas Milhaupt solves all the variables in the brazing equation with one simple solution: Ultra Coat. As the industry leader in solution driven support, Lucas Milhaupt introduces its Ultra Coat product line—flux coated strip that eliminates the need for separate flux and alloy application. By coating the strip with a precise amount of flux, operator variability is eliminated and first pass yield increases. The amount of flux coated on the braze foil is calculated precisely for your application and helps ensure the proper amount of fluxing action for superior alloy wetting without increasing the amount of flux inclusions and porosity left inside the joint. By driving down porosity and improving alloy wetting, no joint strength is sacrificed, and, in many cases, joint strength is higher than joints that use manual flux and braze alloy.



Available Forms

  • Ultra Coat Clad
    • Ultra Coat Clad combines an aggressive, high performance braze flux with clad silver alloy
    • Clad material in the ratio of 1-2-1 for silver alloy-copper-silver alloy helps to reduce thermal stress on materials such as carbide and steel
    • Available as:
      • Ultra Coat Clad 50: Our Silvaloy 505 in clad form with a premium flux coating, ideal for standard carbide brazing
      • Ultra Coat Clad 49: Our Silvaloy 491 in clad form with a premium flux coating, ideal for more difficult to wet carbides
      • Ultra Coat Clad 50Ni3: Our cadmium bearing Easy Flo 3 in clad form with a premium flux coating, ideal for low temperature carbide brazing
  • Ultra Coat Clean
    • Non-corrosive flux that eliminates the need for post braze cleaning
    • Reduced cleaning time means reduced process time and increased throughput
    • Ideal for copper to brass
    • Discs, washers, or shims can be preplaced between the joint surfaces and provide higher joint integrity as compared to copper-brass joints that use no flux or GasFlux only
    • Not recommended for ferrous materials or aluminum bronze
  • Ultra Coat Ag
    • Standard silver braze alloy coated with a premium flux for optimized braze performance
    • General purpose allows it to be used across a wide array of industries and applications
    • Available as:
      • Ultra Coat 505: Our Silvaloy 505 with a premium flux coating, ideal for general purpose applications and especially stainless steel or where improved flow and good corrosion resistance are needed
      • Ultra Coat 560: Our Silvaloy 560 with a premium flux coating, ideal for general purpose applications and especially where low temperature and quick heating cycles are needed
  • Ultra Coat HT
    • High temperature braze alloy coated with a premium high temperature flux for optimized braze performance
    • Designed for applications where high service temperatures will be encountered and alloy strength and toughness are paramount, e.g. road cutting tools, wear surfaces
    • Available as:
      • Ultra Coat 548: Our Hi-Temp 548 with a premium high temperature flux coating, ideal for applications where good strength at elevated temperatures is needed