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Des sujets liés au brasage pour aider à l'apprentissage et à la compréhension des aspects techniques du brasage, pourquoi et comment il fonctionne, avec des conseils utiles et des petites astuces.

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Materials questions? We can help.

When ordering brazing alloys, you may have the dimensions or length of a braze joint, but many products are sold by weight. How much should you order? Or, conversely, you may know the mass/weight, but need the length.

Our calculators provide a fast and easy method to correlate length and mass. This is helpful for estimating quantities, plus pricing and shipping weight.

Two Lucas-Milhaupt calculators are available—one for wire products and one for strip products. Simply enter measurements for mass or length, and let our calculators do the work.

A third calculator, Copper Tubing Braze Alloy Usage Estimator, is available to help estimate the amount of braze alloy or solder alloy required for standard plumbing or ACR copper tube to fitting joints.

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Known Measurement



Wire Diameter inches


Known Measurement



Width inches
Thickness inches

Copper Tubing Braze Alloy Usage Estimator

Tubing Type Min. Tube OD
Tubing Size Max Fitting ID
Filler Material Overlap
Wire Dimension Length
Number of joints Weight

Disclaimer: Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. believes the information contained herein to be reliable. However, Lucas-Milhaupt gives the technical information without charge and the user shall use such information at its own discretion and risk. Results are calculated based on nominal values, and actual weights and dimensions may vary due to dimensional and chemical tolerance variation.