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mercredi 23 janvier 2013
Precious Metal Scrap

Reclaiming Scrap Metal
Prospects for metal reclamation include many manufacturers and industries: industrial brazers, electronics companies, coin dealers, manufacturing jewelers, mirror platers, and photo processors.  Lucas-Milhaupt can unlock the value of your materials through our Scrap-to-Cash program. This service is provided through our parent company, Handy & Harman of Canada, in Toronto, Ontario.

When recovering precious metals, sources of materials range from the obvious to the obscure, including your:

  • Scrap and reworked items
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Stub ends of rods and wire coils
  • Floor sweeps
  • Wet sludge from sink traps, floor drains, and rinse tanks
  • Bench filings, chippings, and grindings
  • Brazing alloy drippings from brazing fixtures
  • Spinning and blanking scrap
  • Fuses, circuit breakers, and electrical contacts

Also, collect and save your lathe turnings, milling and drill press chips, edge trim from slitting machines, and slag from casting crucibles.  Collect the dust from grinding wheels and buffing operations as well as the wheels and buffing pads themselves.  If your usable components contain gold, silver, or platinum group metals, your production rejects will contain the same metals. 

Please note that the quote you will be offered will vary depending on the contained precious metal and the amount you will be sending.

How do we process the Refining Scrap Metal

When you gather scrap metals and ship them to our processing center, we employ these steps:

1.   Receive & sort incoming scrap.

2.    If necessary, burn away organics. Then, incinerate and pulverize, which separates metallic components through a subsequent screening process.

3.    Utilize chemical refining techniques to recover precious metals from precipitates and sludge.

4.    Homogenize and sample the metallic portion of your lot by melting it and performing a fire assay.

5.    Customer Service: Our main actions are quoting and informing you about the refining process ( from receiving to trading).

This process ensures that every ounce of precious metal contained within your scrap is captured quickly and economically.  It also means you receive the highest-possible payout.

Success Stories
It may seem hard to believe that the amount of scrap you generate in your operation is large enough to warrant salvaging.  But consider these success stories for precious metal reclamation:

  • A plant superintendent told his Lucas-Milhaupt representative, "We don't have any brazing scrap; we tack the rod stubs and coil ends together and use them up."  The representative, however, took some samples of brazing filler metal drippings hanging from the fixtures of a conveyorized brazing operation.  After lab analysis and refining, he was able to present the superintendent with a bright disc of pure silver.  From then on, those conveyor fixtures were cleaned regularly, and every bit of scrap was accumulated for its silver value.
  •  Another large industrial manufacturer used to pay by the barrel to have silver braze scrap removed-as a hazardous material.  Now, this client receives payments from Handy & Harman for the recovered precious metal.  This is an excellent example of refining metals for reasons of environmental responsibility, cost savings, and income generation.

Steps to Follow:
Refining your scrap is easier than you can imagine:

  • First, you have to be a business ( we can not deal with individuals).
  • Understand what kind of material you have in your hands: where does it come from, amount of contained precious metal...it will be easier to quote you properly.
  • Contact us!

Refining scrap metal can substantially reduce the cost of manufacturing.  Lucas-Milhaupt can help you spot the "hidden treasure" in your operation and implement the best salvage procedures.  See details on Lucas-Milhaupt's website, then call your representative or our refining operation at 416-675-1860 to jumpstart your precious metal reclamation program, or contact us online for assistance.

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