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miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013
Brazing Copper and Brass

Video: Brazing Copper and Brass
Lucas-Milhaupt® Sil-Fos® brazing products provide a self-fluxing ability on copper, eliminating the time and expense of fluxing.  However, when your operation involves brazing copper to brass or bronze, flux is required to join these different metals.  Lucas-Milhaupt technicians will guide you through the process step by step in this video, using Handy One® flux. 

First, you will learn the important functions of flux.  Then, our experts will demonstrate the steps needed to flux and braze a successful joint.  Learn about the scientific phenomenon of capillarity and its role in brazing metals.  Then, we will show you how to inspect the finished joint.

Successful brazing techniques will result in consistent, quality joints for copper-brass components that are leak-free and able to perform well in the field.

You are invited to share this link with associates.  As an industry expert and innovator, Lucas-Milhaupt is pleased to share techniques leading to Better Brazing.  Our video on Capillary Action may also be of interest. 

As always, contact us for assistance or more information on Lucas-Milhaupt brazing products or services.

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