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jueves, 06 de junio de 2013
White Flux vs. Black Flux Video

Video: White vs. Black Flux
Flux is a chemical compound applied to joint surfaces before brazing.  The addition of metallic boron changes white flux to black.  This new video clip will show you the difference between these materials.

We will also demonstrate several uses for black flux.  For example, in a high-temperature brazing operation, black flux may provide better protection.  It can also be helpful with high-liquidus filler metals.  Black flux is beneficial for fast induction heating, as well.

Do you braze large parts, using a long heating time?  Black flux can provide additional protection.  Watch as Lucas-Milhaupt's technical staff demonstrates.

Last, listen for elements and base materials which require extra care when brazing, to reduce tenacious oxides.  Boron-modified black flux can help ensure a successful braze joint.

Please pass this link on to associates who may find information on white vs. black flux useful.  We are happy to share information that leads to Better Brazing.  

The Lucas-Milhaupt video on the functions and stages of flux may also be of interest.  As always, contact us for assistance or information on Lucas-Milhaupt brazing products or services.

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