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viernes, 12 de abril de 2013
Stages of Flux Video

Functions & Stages of Flux
Flux is a chemical compound applied to the joint surfaces before brazing.  Watch our new technical video for an in-depth look at the four functions of flux:

1.    Protect from oxygen

2.    Dissolve & absorb oxides

3.    Help filler flow

4.    Indicate temperature

Then, we'll show you how Handy® Flux appears during the brazing process: 

1.    212°F/100°C - water boils off

2.    600°F/315°C - white & puffy

3.    800°F/425°C - cloudy appearance

4.    1100°F/593°C - clear & active

Understanding the functions and stages of flux will help you achieve strong, quality joints in your operation.  You are welcome to pass this link on to others in your organization; it is our pleasure to help you achieve Better Brazing.  Contact us if we may provide further assistance or information on Lucas-Milhaupt brazing products or services.

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