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viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012
IBSC Brazing & Soldering Conference April 22-25

Do you have a vested interest in the global brazing and soldering industry?  Mark your calendar for the International Brazing and Soldering Conference (IBSC), April 22-25, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Once every three years, ASM and AWS host the event to offer vital education and networking opportunities. 

For engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical managers, IBSC offers valuable, cutting-edge technical information.  Another benefit is face-to-face interaction with industry experts and potential business partners.  Exhibits will showcase the latest brazing and soldering trends, products, processes, and techniques, featuring companies from all sectors of the industry.

Don't miss this opportunity; we look forward to seeing you there!  As an industry leader, Lucas-Milhaupt® is actively involved in the 2012 IBSC Conference and Exposition.  We support brazing education and will be teaching a "Fundamentals of Brazing" class, presenting a technical paper, chairing a technical session, exhibiting at the conference, and sponsoring an IBSC event.

IBSC begins with one day of education short-courses, followed by a three-day technical program.  Participants will include scientists and engineers from around the world who are involved in the research, development, and application of brazing and soldering.

On Sunday, April 22, Lucas-Milhaupt's Steve Marek, Senior Brazing Applications Engineer, will be teaching the "Fundamentals of Brazing" short-course.  Steve will present and discuss brazing definitions and terminology; the six fundamentals of brazing - steps required in order to achieve successfully brazed assemblies; braze joint design; types of braze filler metals, their use, and application; and preform design as a means to improve productivity.  Boost your materials knowledge by taking this short-course at IBSC!  (A more thorough two-and-a-half-day class is taught by Lucas-Milhaupt as part of our educational services.  Please visit our Upcoming Training Events web page for the latest schedule.)

IBSC's three-day technical program begins on Monday, April 23.  Industry experts will focus on the latest advances in brazing and soldering science and technology.  The program includes presentations on the brazing of ceramics and non-metallic materials, brazing and soldering alloy developments, plus furnace and vacuum brazing.

On Wednesday, April 25, Lucas-Milhaupt's Creed Darling and Steve Marek will present a white paper entitled "Preferred Brazing and Soldering Conditions for Copper-to-Aluminum Transition Joints."  Creed is Global Product Manager - Wire Products; he also serves on IBSC's organizing committee and is the IBSC Educational Chairperson.  Steve is Senior Brazing Applications Engineer at Lucas-Milhaupt.  Don't miss this opportunity to increase your knowledge base and interact with these two industry experts!

We look forward to seeing you at IBSC 2012!  Contact us for further information on the conference or for assistance with your brazing needs.

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