In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products and services, Lucas-Milhaupt is also a complete source for technical information, training and assistance.

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Technical Documentation

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Training Seminars

Advanced Fundamentals & Brazing by Design 2-1/2 Day Course

  • This course is a comprehensive study of the brazing fundamentals that discusses how and why these are essential to successful brazing. It is detailed in heating methods, braze design, base metals, application data, and it allows for ample discussion time. Completion of the course provides attendees with information to help increase brazing/soldering efficiency, reduce and control variable costs, eliminate costly rejects, and reduce field failures.
  • This seminar is structured for designers; process, manufacturing, and quality engineers; brazing technicians; managers and production supervisors; and brazing operations personnel. Individuals at any level of brazing experience will benefit. Sharing problem applications for evaluation and discussion is encouraged.

Download a PDF version of the Advanced Fundamentals & Brazing by Design complete course description.