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Lucas-Milhaupt offers the most comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms in the industry and our expertise in brazing and soldering ensures that we can find the best-matched products for your needs.

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High Temperature Brazing Paste

HANDY FLO BRAZING PASTE® 200 is used for higher temperature brazing applications and filler metals. The 200 Series is for higher temperature applications where brazing temperatures are in the 1600° to 2000°F (870° to 1097°C) range. Our brazing pastes are designed for use with torch, induction, resistance and with some furnace applications.

Brazing and soldering pastes incorporate filler metal, flux, and a binder in a one-step application process. Because pastes are readily applied, they lend themselves well to both manual and automated production operations. We offer several flux/binder systems for specific temperature ranges and brazing processes.

How to Purchase Lucas-Milhaupt High Temperature Brazing Paste

If you're interested in purchasing our high temperature brazing paste, please contact us or call our offices in North America (414) 769-6000, Europe +33 (0) 5 53 92 5300, or Asia +86 (572) 62 89

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