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HANDY FLO BRAZING PASTE® 100 General Purpose

HANDY FLO BRAZING PASTE® 100 is used for low temperature, general purpose brazing alloys. This series contains general purpose flux binder systems with an active temperature range of 95°F to 1500°F (510°C to 1000°C). Suitable for use with a variety of heat sources including torch induction, resistance and occasionally furnace.

Brazing pastes made with these systems are typically 65% metal, however other concentrations are available depending upon the application. The addition of boron will increase the temperature protection by 100°F making it better suited for larger mass components.

Brazing and soldering pastes incorporate filler metal, flux, and a binder in a one-step application process. Because pastes are readily applied, they lend themselves well to both manual and automated production operations. We offer several flux/binder systems for specific temperature ranges and brazing processes.

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Product Active Temperature RangeMinimum Shelf LifeWorking Characteristics Technical Documents* SDS Safety Documents

Can be used for most low temperature brazing alloys. Ideal for copper, copper alloys, nickel alloys, mild steel and some stainless steels. Typical formulations are 65% metal, however other concentrations are available.

550°C - 850°C
1020°F - 1560°F 
3 months Fairly restrictive flux, stable during heating. Can be used on vertical joints where there is "No Shelf" to support paste deposit. Increased temp. protection available with addition of Boron, Handy Flo 111.
Same as HANDY FLO® 110.
550°C - 900°C
1020°F - 1650°F 
3 months Same as Handy Flow 110.
Same uses as HANDY FLO® 110, however more active flux causes an increase in alloy flow. Ideal for long joints where more flow is required. Typically 65% metal. HANDY FLO® 121 ideal for larger joint configurations.
510°C - 750°C
950°F - 1400°F 
3 months Flux is very fluid and provides good alloy flow but has a shorter life than HF 110. Additional temperature protection with Boron addition as Handy Flo 121.
Same as HANDY FLO® 120.
510°C - 815°C
950°F - 1500°F 
3 months Same as Handy Flo 120.

Ideal for most low temperature brazing alloys. Workhorse system for general purpose applications.

538°C - 816°C
1000°F - 1500°F 
3 months An intermediate, general purpose system. The Flux is not as restrictive as HF 110 and not as fluid as HF 120. Recommended for most low temp. applications. Additional temp. protection available with HF 131. Restrictive slump.

Same as HANDY FLO® 130.

538°C - 871°C
1000°F - 1600°F 
3 months Same as Handy Flo 130.
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