Brazing & Soldering Products

Lucas-Milhaupt offers the most comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms in the industry and our expertise in brazing and soldering ensures that we can find the best-matched products for your needs.

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Brazing & Solder Pastes

Pastes products consist of an atomized filler metal powder, a flux (when necessary) and a binder to hold the components together in suspension. Pastes, like preforms, are advantageous because with the correct dispensing equipment, tight control can be made on material usage. And because pastes are essentially formless in nature, one paste product could be suitable for a wide variety of joint configurations.

Additional advantages of pastes include the ability to control so many of the performance characteristics. The viscosity or thickness of the paste can be modified for your particular dispensing requirements. The size of the filler metal powder can be adjusted with our range of particle sizes to provide the best balance between cost and performance. Because we offer so many different options, it is recommended that a Lucas-Milhaupt Application Engineer is involved in the selection of the paste.

Brazing & Solder Pastes