Brazing & Soldering Products

Lucas-Milhaupt offers the most comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms in the industry and our expertise in brazing and soldering ensures that we can find the best-matched products for your needs.

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A Critical Piece to the Brazing and Soldering Process: Flux

Brazing flux is critical to the brazing and soldering process because it minimizes the oxidation that may form on both the brazing filler metal and the materials being joined. Numerous formulations of flux are available for virtually all metal joining operations.

Lucas-Milhaupt Fluxes Meet Every Need and Specialized Application

The majority of common brazing applications are readily met by HANDY FLUX™, the general purpose flux that has remained an industry standard for over 70 years. It is a powerful general purpose flux that protects your parts up to 1600ºF (871ºC). We also offer fluxes for virtually every specialized application including formulations for high temperature and low temperature applications, furnace and induction brazing, as well as those for automatic flux dispensers.