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Lucas-Milhaupt offers the most comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms in the industry and our expertise in brazing and soldering ensures that we can find the best-matched products for your needs.

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Flux Coated Alloy Filler Metals

Advantages of Flux Coated and Flux Cored Alloy Filler Metals:

  • Labor savings - Simplifies and eliminates a separate fluxing operation.
  • Produces stronger joints - Less flux entrapped inside the joint, leaving the braze joints with improved strength because the use of HANDY ONE® coated and cored products has been found to reduce flux inclusions at the joint interface.
  • Improved operations - The all in one product streamlines customer's supply chain, eliminating the need to buy flux and alloy, while also automating brazing and assembly with high velocity, single piece flow.
  • Multiple uses - Flux coating can be used for coating of bulk strip, rods, engineered preforms and discrete parts.
  • Reduced costs - Reduction of post braze cleaning and secondary finishing operations, thereby reducing overall metal-joining costs.
  • Waste reduction - Flux coating reduces the waste of too little or too much flux, and the consistent application of flux and alloy improves joint quality.
  • Exposure reduction - Flux contamination within components on plant equipment and in the waste water is dramatically reduced. Flux exposure to brazing personnel is reduced.

How to Apply Flux Coated Alloy Filler Metals

Read the Technical Documents, MSDS Safety Sheets, and the warranty statements to ensure that you using the flux coated filler metals properly.

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Product SolidusLiquidusNominal Composition, %AWS & International Standards Technical Documents* SDS Safety Documents
°F °C °F °C Ag Cu Zn Other
SILVALOY® 452 - Flux coated

(Formally BRAZE™ 452 / SILVALOY® A45T) Low temperature, general-purpose alloy with better flow properties than SILVALOY® 450.

1195 646 1251 677 45 27 25 3 Sn
SILVALOY® 505 - Flux coated

(Formally BRAZE™ 505 / SILVALOY® A50N) Best general purpose filler metal available. Recommended for stainless steel as it retards interface corrosion. Nickel content provides superior adhesion to base metal surfaces.

1220 659 1305 707 50 20 28 2 Ni
SILVALOY® 560 - Flux coated

(Formally BRAZE™ 560 / SILVALOY® A56T) Lowest temperature, Cadmium-free filler metal, very fluid alloy flow.

1143 618 1205 651 56 22 17 5 Sn