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Lucas-Milhaupt offers the most comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms in the industry and our expertise in brazing and soldering ensures that we can find the best-matched products for your needs.

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Copper Alloys

These copper brazing alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and high electrical and thermal copper conductivity. Copper is ductile, wets iron (Fe) well, and exhibits excellent joint penetration - capillary action. Lucas-Milhaupt stocks many copper filler metals including oxygen-free, ETP grade, and specialty alloys. These alloys can be provided multiple forms:

  • Strip
  • Wire
  • Ring or four slide preforms
  • Blanked washers
  • Paste and powder

Furnace brazing in a protective atmosphere with copper braze filler metals is an economical option for brazing carbon and low alloy steels. Copper alloy brazing can be performed in both vacuum and atmospheric furnaces, and can be used to braze many different metals

Brazing relies on capillary action where the filler metal is drawn into the joint during the heating cycle. The strongest copper braze joints are made by maintaining tight joint clearances. Typical clearances are a press fit to 0.002" (0.05mm) when furnace brazing. Too large of a gap will result in a weaker braze joint.

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Product SolidusLiquidusNominal Composition, %AWS & International Standards Technical Documents* SDS Safety Documents
°F °C °F °C Cu P Sn Zn
CDA 102

Joining of ferrous, Ni-base and Cu-Ni alloys. Free flowing.

1981 1082 1981 1082 99.95        
CDA 110

Joining of ferrous, Ni-base and Cu-Ni alloys. Free flowing for press fits.

1981 1082 1981 1082 99.9       BCu-1b
CDA 510

Use on steels where brazing temperatures lower than Cu are needed.

1750 953 1920 1048 95 0.3 4.7    
CDA 521

Use on steels where brazing temperatures lower than Cu are needed.

1620 881 1880 1026 92 0.3 7.7    
CDA 681

Joining of Fe, Cu and Ni alloys. Fluid alloy.

1590 865 1630 887 60     40 RBCuZn-C
Certified OFHC

For furnace brazing of steel, SS and Ni based alloys.

1981 1082 1981 1082 99.99       BVCu-1x