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Topics related to brazing to aid with learning and understanding the technical aspects of brazing, how brazing works, why it works, along with useful hints and tips.

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In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products and services, we are also your complete source for technical information and assistance. View our library of Technical Bulletins for detailed and theoretical information related to issues in the field of brazing. Our series of Technical Bulletins can help provide to you additional insight into the How and the Why along with the related data and research to further promote the art and science of brazing.

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T- 1 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Characteristics of the several types of silver brazing filler metals: Part 1
T- 2 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Characteristics of the several types of silver brazing filler metals: Part 2
T- 3 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Strength of brazed joints - Part 1
T- 4 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Strength of brazed joints - Part 2
T- 5 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Design of brazed joints with silver filler metals from the standpoint of stress distribution
T- 5 Brazing Technical Bulletin (Supplement)
Stress analysis of brazed joints
T- 6 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Silver filler metal brazing and its relationship to the heat treatment of the parts joined
T- 7 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Expansion and contraction in filler metals for silver brazing
T- 8 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Fluxes for silver brazing filler metals
T- 9 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Interface corrosion in brazed joints in stainless steel
T-10 Brazing Technical Bulletin
The oxidation characteristics of some silver filler metals in the 500°F to 1100°F temperature range
T-11 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Solution and penetration of stainless steels by various brazing filler metals
T-12 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Brazing Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Assemblies
T-13 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Improvement in Joint Quality and Reduction of Flux Usage with Ag Based HANDY ONE® Products
T-14 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Effects of Joint Clearance on the Capillary Rise of a Molten Filler Metal
T-15 Brazing Technical Bulletin
Brazing with Nickel Based Brazing Filler Metals

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