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Automated Brazing of Aluminum Tubing.
Tubing assemblies for air conditioning components produced by ITT Industries, Fluid Handling Systems.
Automated Soldering of Ice Tray Assemblies is a Cool Process.
Ice trays used in large, industrial ice cube machines manufactured by IMI Cornelius of Mason City, lowa.
Brazed Metal Chairs Stand Up to Close Inspection
Metal frame chairs and other furniture manufactured by Kl (Krueger International), of Green Bay, Wl.
Brazing Provides Leak-Free Passage For Vehicle Fuel.
Brazed fuel senders used in vehicles manufactured by Ford Motor Company
Faucet Assembly Taps Into Benefits of Brazing.
Kitchen and bath faucets manufactured by Wolverine Brass
HANDY ONE® Flux Cored Brazing Rings Improve Efficiency
Large copper tube aluminum plate fin heat exchangers for heavy-duty cooling applications
Milwaukee Sprayer Mfg. Co.
Brazing Boosts Appearance and Strength of Pressurized Sprayers
On-Site Brazing Audit
Improves Client’s Joint Quality and Optimizes Brazing Process
When Appearance is Critical, Think Brazing.
Brazing produces invisible joints for wire frame sunglasses