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Lucas-Milhaupt Receives Environmental Recognition

Lucas-Milhaupt Receives Environmental Recognition

MILWAUKEE, WI (September 28, 2007)- Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., A Handy & Harman Company, today became the second participant in Tier 2 of Wisconsin's innovative Green Tier program. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) representatives and other visitors to Lucas-Milhaupt's Cudahy headquarters saw the importance of the company's long standing commitment to superior environmental performance given the proximity of several dozen nearby residential homes and Park View Elementary School.

Lucas-Milhaupt, a producer of metal-joining products and brazing/soldering technology, is dedicated to minimizing its overall environmental impact, and can already point to several accomplishments:

  • Several years ago the company used its last hazardous air pollutant (HAP);
  • Lucas-Milhaupt reduced air emissions to such a low level that the company is no longer required to report air emissions to DNR;
  • Lucas-Milhaupt shed its status as a large-quantity generator of hazardous waste under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines, and since 2003 has remained a small-quantity generator while increasing production by 50 percent; and
  • Lucas-Milhaupt has also reduced energy use through more efficient lighting, and the company conserves water by filtering waste water and using cooling methods other than municipal well water.

"Lucas-Milhaupt is an excellent example of an environmentally conscious business," said DNR Secretary Matthew Frank.

"Lucas-Milhaupt is leading the way in showing how Wisconsin's industries can grow while becoming more sensitive to the planet and our natural resources. The environmental record over the last few years is clear: Lucas-Milhaupt has increased its productivity and the environment hasn't paid the price."

With its history of environmental excellence, Lucas-Milhaupt is a welcome partner in Green Tier. Green Tier was signed into law in 2004 to encourage a collaborative approach to environmental performance between the DNR and Wisconsin businesses. As part of Green Tier, Wisconsin organizations voluntarily commit to reducing their environmental footprint by developing proactive management strategies. These plans act as a roadmap, presenting organizations the opportunity to adopt new technologies and practices to continually improve their environmental performance.

In exchange for a commitment to superior environmental performance, the department grants considerable benefits to Tier 2 participants including a single point of contact with the department for easier communications, the use of the Green Tier logo in marketing, and annual public recognition of participation. Tier 2 participants are also eligible to negotiate regulatory flexibility proportional to their environmental commitments. Lucas-Milhaupt, however, has elected to forego any such flexibility at this time.

For more information on Green Tier and Lucas-Milhaupt, visit the DNR Web site's Green Tier page at http://dnr.wi.gov/org/caer/cea/environmental/participants/lucas/index.htm

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., a Handy & Harman Company, is one of the world's foremost suppliers of brazing and soldering materials to thelectrical/electronics, appliance and transportation markets worldwide.

Posted by gdevries(replace this text and the parentheses with the 'at' symbol)lucasmilhaupt.com on Thursday, September 27, 2007