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Lucas-Milhaupt Introduces New Patent-Pending Triangular Cross Section Brazing Rings

Lucas-Milhaupt Introduces New Patent-Pending Triangular Cross Section Brazing Rings

MILWAUKEE, WI, January 14, 2011 - As more and more manufacturers are moving to light weight, corrosion resistant and cost effective all aluminum coil construction-so has the need for precision aluminum joint brazing. Conventional rounded or rectangular aluminum brazing rings do not seat well and can melt before the flux is activated, causing joint overflow and inconsistent joint quality.

Engineers at Lucas-Milhaupt have come up with a solution and have successfully pioneered a new triangular shaped brazing ring for the HVAC/R market. The triangular ring is seated in the hairpin and directs material flow for a cleaner, stronger joint with little or no overflow.

With our patent pending triangular cross section brazing rings, there is 25% more surface area contact between the hairpin and return bend compared to round or rectangular rings. This is significant because more surface contact means better heat conduction between all components. Due to this controlled heating of material, flux activation and dispersion is precise. This results in a stronger, better-looking joint that does not require clean-up.

The flux is non-corrosive, with no binder, so there's no potential for contamination. It is available in AL 718 (88%Al / 12%Si) and other aluminum brazing alloys.

For more information on this product please visit www.lucasmilhaupt.com/en-US/about/videos/ and view our educational video on how the triangular cross section brazing rings work.

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