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  • Email: Jmegna(replace this text and the parentheses with the 'at' symbol)lucasmilhaupt.com
  • Telephone: 414-831-7210

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Holiday Inn San Jose
1350 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: +1 (408) 453-6200
Single Rate: $149.00 (plus tax)

A block of rooms has been reserved and will be held until September 14, 2012. After this date, unreserved rooms within the block will be released. The hotel may continue to accept reservations after this date, subject to availability at the prevailing rate. For reservations call the hotel directly at (408) 453-6200 and reference the Lucas-Milhaupt Technical Brazing Seminar.

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San Jose Advanced Fundamentals & Brazing by Design 2-1/2 Day Course

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - Thursday, September 27, 2012

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What The Course Will Cover

2-1/2 days of information packed classes covering the essential theoretical aspects of brazing technology combined with a real life applications, and case studies.

Completion of the course provides attendees with information to help increase brazing/soldering efficiency, reduce and control variable costs, eliminate costly rejects, and reduce field failures. Reduce your overall metal joining costs with the information shared and the knowledge from Lucas-Milhaupt's brazing experts!

Who Should Attend?

The brazing course offered by Lucas-Milhaupt would benefit individuals at all levels of brazing experience. This course is structured for designers; process, manufacturing and quality engineers; brazing technicians; managers and production supervisors; and brazing operations personnel.

Course Outline

• Brazing Technology Overview - a comparison of brazing versus different joining techniques, i.e. welding, adhesive bonding, and mechanical fastening.

• Brazing Terminology and Definitions

• Six fundamentals of brazing - a detailed explanation of the proper brazing steps required in order to achieve successfully brazed assemblies.

• Brazing Design - an overview of a standard braze joint design terminology, and industry standards.

• Braze Filler Metals - a detailed look at various braze filler metals available including silver, copper, gold, aluminum and nickel based alloys, their use and application.

• Preform Design & Automation - an overview of various forms of braze filler metals available on the market today in terms of improved productivity and lower cost.

• Base Metals - a detailed overview of various groups of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, refractory alloys, high temperature alloys, non-metallic alloys will be presented.

• Heating Methods - Torch, Induction, Furnace and Resistance Brazing - including an overview of different atmospheres and fluxes used in brazing operations.

• Joint Inspection

• Corrosion Resistance of Filler Metals

• Real Life Applications and Case Studies


$1250 per person.

If two or more register from the same company at the same time, your investment is $1150 per person.  Add $50 for optional AWS Brazing Handbook