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Friday, September 28, 2012
Capillary Action in Brazing

Lucas-Milhaupt has 70 years of experience providing products and services for the brazing industry. When working with manufacturing clients, we often emphasize the importance of capillary action in the brazing process. This action draws molten alloy into the joint between two metal parts. But what exactly IS capillary action? How does it work? And what factors inhibit its action? Today, we will focus on the scientific phenomenon of capillary action.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Handy One® Improves Joint Quality and Reduces Flux Usage

Brazing with Handy One® Brazing is commonly used in HVAC/R, automotive, aerospace, and other industries to join assemblies and different base metals. Brazing flux is applied to assemblies to prevent oxidation and allow the braze alloy to form the joint. When flux is applied externally before heating, a two-step, manual process is used. This introduces variable factors into the brazing process. Lucas-Milhaupt Handy One® flux-cored alloys offer a one-step alternative for brazing assemblies. These products can improve the quality of braze joints and reduce flux usage while streamlining the manufacturing process. Do you want better quality parts and reduced production costs? Read on for details!